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無香料 30ml

ASIANSは数種類のフェロモンを混合した無香料フェロモン香水で、すでにお使いの香水と合わせたり、そのままお使いして頂く用に開発されました。 このフェロモン香水は、アジア人男性以外がアジア人女性を惹きつける為に開発されました。まさに、日本の皆様にピッタリのフェロモン香水です。ASIANは30mlのドロッパーボトルでお届けしています。


If you are a non Asian male who likes Asian women, the way they look, the way they act, or you simply have some unexplainable perverted attraction from watching too much anime, We, Liquid Alchemy Labs are here to offer you Asian. Because our mission is to help you with your attraction and seduction efforts.

The pheromone formula for Asian has taken around four years from the time the project was started to the time of completion. It was created with the intent of producing a formula that would be capable of attracting and seducing Asian women with a more consistent result than the average general use pheromone product. It is the first time we have tried to isolate a formula for a specific genetic group.

Attempting to attract one specific type of human is a bit odd and not a perfect endeavor due to genetic mixing. Remember, as it is with all pheromones, attraction is a numbers game, with pheromones statistically enhancing the odds in your favor.

With Asian we are targeting East Asian women. Like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. not peoples of the Middle East or Arab countries.

Will Asian work on women of other races? Absolutely, but depending on their genetics lesser or greater results may be achieved.

Asian has been tested in three different countries and on many different Asian nationalities by Garry himself, as well as our usual testers and a new group of testers who like Asian women.

Though this is an unscented product it may have a slight scent.due to the pheromone and pheromone like ingredients.

While wearing Asian you will notice reduced social stress while inspiring trust, subtle to pronounced attraction and arousal in Asian females. Testers found this to be the case even when they could not speak the language of the girl they were near and attempting to attract.

Order now or next week this time you will still be doing the same thing you always do. It is time to make a change in your life and we are here to help. Take action!.